Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Games for Lovers

In this paper, we describe a number of very interesting and fun game. After all, any man Russian girl at heart will always be a small child, who always want to play and have fun. Suggested games need during any event (wedding, corporate, birthday, etc.), especially when put together a very good company.

Put each other

This is a team game. All involved are divided into pairs, it is best if it's a pair of lovers. Each pair is given a prepared package of clothes (try to distribute evenly as the complexity and the number of items in the packages). All participating blindfolded and on command they must lead to the touch pull things from the package at his partner for one minute a Russian girl. The winner is the one couple that accurately and faster than anyone could wear. Quite funny situation where one pair will be two men, and in a package that they got, assembled exclusively women's clothing.

Feed the favorite

Anyone wishing to take part are divided into pairs (male and female). At a distance of several meters put a plate of ice cream. The problem is that the girls that she needs to run up to the plate with a spoon, podcherpnut some ice cream, then she should take a spoon full of lips and gently take it to the man with his pair. The girl should feed mate, not letting the spoon out of his mouth. The team that will eat their ice cream faster than the other - the winner of a Russian girl.


Participants are divided into couples. Men are awarded in the roll of toilet paper, which they wrapped their ladies. The winner is the couple who carried out their task the fastest or who dress turned more successful than others.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

how do you know a Russian girl

Preliminary remark: the main thing in dating - as far as possible to avoid patterns! Unfortunately, the vast majority of men (90%) are familiar to the obscene primitive, like this: "What is the weather today, let the phone, huh?" 

Russian women appreciate men in the first place, the mind and the beginning of a banal as "Russian girl, what's your name?" drives it into the corner of his straightforwardness and paucity of thought. 

A little ingenuity - and you are interested in trading your lady. Recall, the hero of one of the comedies that he met with this: "Girls, where Nofelet -" What is it? "-" This' telephone 'reverse'. "The girls laughed, and then met happened like clockwork. 

Here is another example of a creative approach: 

"Russian women - happily refers to two studentochki some good guys - we are case studies of women on the topic:" How do you prefer to learn. "How do you like? .. " 

A few minutes later the girls were sacrificed to relax. Ten - free chat on the abstract (typed conversations) theme. Fifteen new friend trustingly out of the house phones for "further investigation". 
finding out information from a stranger, a man shows his lack of manners. Cultured people identify themselves first and give some information about yourself, such as where they work, what they do.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Available Russian girls

Our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers believed that men like Impatiens. Modesty was considered the main advantage of a Russian girl, and any of its steps toward rapprochement with the opposite sex were condemned and regarded as "indecent."

When the 70s came the sexual revolution, the people rushed to the other extreme - in free love, and in fact - promiscuity (in the language therapists is called promiscuity that was typical of the way, primitive people.)

There was a time when the vogue of "the girl without complexes." Large sexual experience, knowledge of sexual techniques, skills in oral sex with a cute girl allowed to muzzle find a decent candidate for a husband. It can be seen during the Soviet period of our men are so hungry for carnal pleasures that were willing to grant-giving pleasure and your wallet, and shelter, and his last name. Many dumbest men fall for the bait of young predators. Understandably, those not interested in the identity of the partner, and the amount of money in his bank account. I know a lot of very worthy men, who quite unexpectedly turned out to be married to such girl.

Although the women themselves are available to consumers respond in a very unflattering terms, however, these women enjoyed a certain popularity with a strong half. Demonstrate willingness to intimate rapprochement at first fills the soul with pride and elevates man in his own eyes. Believing in his own irresistibility, a man rushes to the call, but quenching the sexual hunger, thinks. In his soul eternal fears creep. If a woman is so easy to go to the sexual contact, then maybe it is just as supple and with others? If she "made advances", then it is easy to be rid of her? And suddenly she clung stranglehold? Or will expose to public ridicule, veshayas everyone you meet on the neck-cross?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Young russian schoolgirls

Pablo paused, weighing the pros and cons. Of course, dangerous to say anything openly. But on the other hand, told him that no, this type if tomorrow or the day after Senor Antonio does not appear, he would still tell the police everything. And Pablo said:
- Senor Rodrigo Tonelli and you!
- I? He that was a completely insane?
- A? - Pablo stared hard at him.
- Yes. After his plane crashed, he has not recovered completely. If you do not believe me, ask my mother, but I warn you, Pablo, if because of you, my family will be involved in a scandal, I submit to you in court for libel and the rest of days you will spend behind bars. Do you hear me well?
And Maximiliano furious rushed from the room. Pamela heard loudly slammed the front door and peeked into the living room.
- What to serve? - She asked, marry russian girls.
- That bastard! - Pablo clenched his fists, his eyes sparkled. - But if he thinks that intimidate me with threats, that much is wrong.
- He threatened you? But why? - Pamela surprised.
- Because Senor Antonio's gone! And I am sure that he is to blame! - He cried.
Pamela looked incredulously at his brother - how can he say that?
Max came from Pablo absolutely furious. As soon as he stands at the head of the firm, the first one he will fire will be Pablo. In the meantime, to convince Rachel and everyone else not to tell the police about this Roberto Aguirre. Who knows what they stumble, if they start to dig out the case. And, interestingly, says Maura, when he learns that Antonio has disappeared, and his disappearance is connected with this Roberto Aguirre, invented by her sister? No, no, until the situation becomes clearer, it is necessary to convince Rachel, lovely russian ladies to keep quiet. And Kamil. They are ready to raise a storm, with anyone or anything regardless.
Seeing that in addition to Raquel, marry russian girls in the room is unoccupied, Maximiliano happy - at least, it will be possible to speak without interference, to convince her.
Raquel, little russians girls stared in disbelief at the Max - why he so ardently tried to persuade her not to talk about this man, because Antonio was gone after his call, and now the main thing - to know anything about it.
Maximiliano looked at her scornfully.
- I also want to find ... I also ... But so as not to sully the honor of our family. You are now part of our family. You and your child.

Young russian nude women

You want your child is born in prison? Remember, I told my mother that persuaded you to tell Antonio that I was your accomplice - that Antonio did not send you to jail. He never dared to take it, so as not to discredit me and my family.
Raquel, meet russian girls hid her face in her hands
- You're the worst person I only knew! You lie with such arrogance that it is unbearable.
- I do it for you ...

Claudio has not got to Rodrigo, with whom on the phone arranged a meeting - they were waiting for news of the late Antonio. Yes, and a difficult conversation with Camilla knocked him out of a rut. It still made him talk about what he still preferred to remain silent. He believed that the accident airplane ¬ Riya was not accidental. And the one who rigged it could make another attempt. And now, perhaps, is what happened. But who was responsible for what happened? And then Claudio anything, of course, was not sure. Too many players in this game: Max, Rodrigo, Robert Aguirre a ... Raquel, marry russian girls? .. No, no, not she. Although Camila, naked russian girls was convinced that all rigged Raquel, mature russian women, along with Max and Roberto Aguirre with it. Therefore, it is believed, it is necessary to tell everything to the police. And when Max tried to reason with her, she said: "I do not care if it is sent to prison, and you, too. I want to find my brother. "
But Rodrigo called him and he heard that Antonio had not shown up, pretending to be concerned, said:
- Cases ... And that could happen to him?
- It's me you want to ask - said Claudio.
- I assure you, I do not know. But, anyway, if anything happens, we work less, is not it? Come to me. We need to talk.
- About what?
- About this. Claudio, do not try to spill the beans. I tell you seriously, Claudio. Trifled with me ...
Claudio knew that Rodrigo is much more serious than he thought. Worried and Rodrigo: Claudio, beautiful russian girls became dangerous for him.

Young russian ladies

- Well, - has agreed to Maximiliano. - What do we do? It makes no sense to sit and wait all night long.
- Go, - he turned to Mercedes-Look, - he continued, turning to Rachel, lovely russian ladies, - if his kidnapped Roberto Aguirre, he would call and demand a ransom. Do not worry. - He is risen. - Well, I have to go. Then he'll pick thy things and bring your father and sister.
When everyone had gone, and Ramon filed a lunch had still not had time to eat Raquel,, little russian nude girl, she asked him:
- Ramon Antonio is at the enemies?
- How do you say lady? - Ramon did not understand.
- Have Antonio enemies? .. Competitors or anyone else? ..
- He has only one enemy that I know. This lord Maximiliano - seriously Ramon said.
Angered by Maximiliano went to Pablo. Who does he think you are, this "trusted servant"? Refers to the police, although he was not asked, and even how to spill the beans Andrew said, as if Antonio could have been killed.
He rang the bell. The door opened with joy erupted at the sight of his sister Pablo - Pamela, local russian girls. She was going to speak to him, but he was ahead of her.
- Remember, we're familiar with. Call my brother, please.
Maximiliano went into the living room and sat down. Almost immediately came of Pablo. Hardly greeting, Maximiliano asked sharply:
- What did you say the police, marry russian girls?
- Simply stated about the disappearance of Don Antonio and asked them to start his quest.
- Excellent. More than anything, and do not tell. From that moment on, I'll do everything himself.
- Yes, sir, but if the owner does not appear, you need to tell the police about Roberto Aguirre, and it ...
- That I will do myself when I deem it necessary, - interrupted Maximiliano. - It is necessary that at all costs avoid a scandal.
- I agree, but ...
- But no! - Maximiliano again interrupted him. - I'll do as best to my family, and thou shalt be silent. Got it?
- Senor Antonio told me the day before that he was afraid that someone wants to kill him ...

Young russian girls videos

- Your opinion does not interest us, - threw Camilla.
- Okay, okay ... Enough is enough! - Maximiliano intervened. - I think Raquel law. First of all, you need to figure out where Antonio.
- Hypocrite! - Camilla turned to him. - You would be the first jump with joy if something with the case-tions has!
- For God's sake, Camila, horny russian women! - Exclaimed Victoria. Respectfully stood aside Ramon ventured
- Excuse me, Senor Antonio really wanted to find Roberto Aguirre. And this woman, the sister of a young man who was hit by a senorita in March, knows the address.
- We must ask her - quickly said Raquel, hot nude russian women.
- Senor Antonio yesterday, brought it and put here - again intervened Ramon. - As I understand, sir brought her here, not only for her safety, but also that it does not run away, as her friend Julia.
- He said that? - Asked Rachel, illegal russian girls. - Bring it well! What are you waiting for?
Mercedes, anyone not looking into the room and remain, his head bowed.
- Mercedes, Mercedes, please - it turned to Rachel, little russian nude girl, her voice was pleading. - You must help us. Antonio was gone and the last person who spoke to him, was Roberto Aguirre. Where can we find it?
Mercedes even more confused:
- I do not know where he lives, and ... My friend, who knows, she went to Mexico City.
Raquel did not want to believe that this conversation will not work. It is, legale russian schoo Mercedes tried to explain how important it is to find them this Roberto Aguirre.
- You see, Senor Antonio a few days ago stole a checkbook. This must be done one of those who live in the house. And that someone probably knows Roberto Aguirre.
- Yeah, maybe - Maximiliano intervened in the conversation - but, perhaps, Antonio just pretended that he had stolen a checkbook, and he sent a check Julia.
- It's not true. It is impossible, Max! - Raquel said with fervor.